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The Register is a valuable addition to student and teacher resources both in terms of content and research skills. The ARHV looks at the stories behind the vessel and their relevance to communities, events and sites. Subject areas for both primary and secondary schools where the ARHV provides support include History, Geography, Marine Studies and Society and Culture.



Topics encountered at school level include a comparison of the past and present in terms of social stories, work and leisure, sporting history and achievements, military history, or changes in transport and commerce. The ARHV has craft that were there at the time and can help understand all these changes.  If the topic includes a close look at an important person, event or site, or the fascinating area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture, there are vessels on the ARHV that represent these areas as well.  



For tertiary and post graduate research there is a variety of craft and subjects with potential to support the detailed study undertaken in tertiary institution programmes. A few craft are a study in themselves, they cover a range of criteria within their significance that links to major themes.



You can create your own group of craft related to your subject through the My Collections tab, and then share it with others online. You can include material about associated people, special types of craft or related events from the other reference pages.  And it’s all available online when you make your presentation.