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Replica vessels bring lost history back to life.


Replicas have an important place within heritage by keeping traditional skills and practices alive. A replica vessel is a complete reproduction, built by closely copying the original vessel.


A replica vessel’s relative value is determined by its degree of authenticity. This can be reviewed against the sympathetic or appropriate use of modern materials or skills which may help longevity or maintenance and can help to make the craft more accessible. A separate qualifier is how the craft deals with modern requirements and survey regulations where required.


Significant Replicas

Australia has a number of replica vessels with significant Australian heritage value, including:


1606 Duyfken, Dutch Jacht, (Dirk Hartog’s vessel) constructed 1999

1770 HMB Endeavour, Barque, (Captain James Cook’s vessel) constructed 1994

1781 Child of Bounty, Naval Launch, (longboat used HMS Bounty mutiny) constructed 1982

1788 Captain Phillip’s Gig, Ship’s Gig, (used to explore first settlement) constructed 1988

1815, Elizabeth, Whale Boat, (James Kelly rowed around Tasmania) constructed 1986

1924 Varg, 8 Metre Yacht, (racing yacht Sayanora Cup competitor) constructed 2013