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HMAS Vampire

Vessel Number: HV000073
Date: 1956
Previous Owner: Royal Australian Navy ,
Vessel Dimensions: 118.65 m x 13.11 m x 5.49 m, 3950 tonnes (389.3 ft x 43 ft x 18 ft, 4013 tons)
Classification:Vessels and fittings
Object Name: Destroyer
HMAS VAMPIRE is a British Daring Class design destroyer that served with the Royal Australian Navy from 1959 until 1986. It was built at Cockatoo Island Dockyard in Sydney in the early 1950s. The Daring Class were the last big gunships used by the RAN before the modern era of missiles superceded heavy gun-power as the primary armament for warships. It underwent a number of modifications during its service, and operated in Pacific and Asian areas. After decommissioning in the late 1980s it was put on display at Darling Harbour, Sydney when the Australian National Maritime Museum opened in 1991. It is also used as a focal point for Navy reunion events. The Daring Class ships served with the Royal Navy, RAN and Peruvian Navy, and HMAS VAMPIRE It is the only Daring Class destroyer to have been preserved worldwide.

DescriptionHMAS VAMPIRE was built as ship number 189 at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, Sydney to the English Daring Class destroyer design (with extensive modifications). HMAS VAMPIRE was laid down in 1952, launched in 1956 and joined the fleet after commissioning and acceptance trials offshore in 1959. HMAS VAMPIRE's sister ships included the HMAS VENDETTA, and the HMAS VOYAGER which was tragically lost in a collision off Jervis Bay in 1964. HMAS VAMPIRE served on a lengthy deployment to eastern Asian waters in 1967 in-between routine duties around the Australian coastline.

The original armament included six 4.5-inch (114 mm) dual-purpose guns in three twin mountings; two single and two twin 40/60 mm Bofors AA guns; Mark 10 Limbo anti-submarine mortar; and a quintuple 21-inch (530 mm) torpedo launcher. The cramped living spaces graphically illustrate the nature of warship design: machinery, communications and weaponry come before the comfort of the crew. When the vessel became a training ship in the early 1980s, the anti-submarine system was removed to make way for a classroom, and the ship’s compliment was 219 regular crew with an additional 75 trainees.

The 118.65 m long hull has a full load displacement of 3,950 tonnes, and the top speed is over 30 knots. At a cruising speed of 20 knots it has a range of 3,000 nautical miles or 5600 km.

HMAS VAMPIRE is now decommissioned and remains afloat and on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum. It is often used as a venue for navy reunions and volunteers operate an amateur radio station (call sign VK2CCV) from the bridge wireless office every Saturday from 0000 till 0600 UTC (the old GMT).
Vessel Details
Cabin or superstructure material and construction:steel/iron
Current status:floating
Current status:non-operational
Current status:on public display
Deck layout:multiple decks
Deck material and construction:aluminiumalloy
Deck material and construction:steel/iron
Hull material and construction:steel
Hull shape:displacement
Hull shape:monohull
Hull shape:overhanging stem
Hull shape:plumb transomvertical transom
Hull shape:round bottom
Keel/centreboard/rudder type:bilge keels
Keel/centreboard/rudder type:spade rudder
Motor propulsion:inboard
Motor propulsion:steam turbine
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Hand propulsion/steering mechanism:wheel
Additional Titles

Assigned title: Australische Marine Torpedojager VAMPIRE

Primary title: HMAS Vampire

Assigned title: Australisches Kriegsmarine Zerstörer VAMPIRE

Alternate Numbers

Vessel Registration Number: 11

SUN Finance system asset code: HER001

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