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A close view of ACROSPIRE II  gently moving across the lake in Ballarat.

Yacht Rating Rules

A Review of Yacht Racing and Rating Rules.

An interested bystander is once said to have asked a skipper rigging his 18-foot skiff what the class rules were. The reply was direct:

"It has to be 18 foot long, and the races start at 2.30"

If only it were really that simple.

When yacht racing began, It was almost that simple, but many yacht rating and class rules now have a considerable number of quantities and definitions that are attached to them, and even the 18-foot skiff class rule the exchange refers to is now not immune from this development.

Click onto the word document attached to this entry and discover the story behind a number of the rules.You will also see how Australian designers and yachts became part of the evolution of the many and varied yacht rating rules.