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Vessel Number: HV000455
Date: 1963
Vessel Dimensions: 9.14 m x 3.2 m x 0.79 m (30 ft x 10.5 ft x 2.6 ft)
Classification:Vessels and fittings
AOMA is a Halvorsen 30 standard cruiser built by Lars Halvorsen Sons in 1963. It was the last Standard 30 to be built by the firm, and was built for a private owner rather than for their popular charter fleet. It is one of the few Standard 30s to remain in largely original condition, and one of two with a more modern window styling, drawn up by Harvey Halvorsen.
DescriptionAOMA was built for WF Hopkins at Lars Halvorsen Sons' Ryde shipyard in Sydney NSW and was job number 1185. The keel was laid on the 14th August 1962, and it was launched on the 1 May 1963. The owner Mr. Hopkins paid 7,123 pounds for the cruiser. The name AOMA is New Zealand Maori for 'white cloud’. It was the last of the Standard 30s to be made, and many of its predecessors were used in the popular Halvorsen hire fleet based on Cowan Creek and the Hawkesbury River area just north of Sydney. The 9.45 m long hull was carvel planked in Oregon, with teak planking over plywood for the deck, and teak and maple superstructure. The cabin top is plywood with an exterior fibreglass reinforcement. Its original engine has not been identified. Records suggest it may have been a Chrysler, otherwise it may be the Nissan diesel engine that is currently installed.

In 1974 Halvorsen's bought it back from Mr Hopkins estate to use in the hire fleet. When some of the hire fleet was sold off in the late 1980s it is understood to have been retained by Carl Halvorsen as his own cruiser. In 1990 it was sold by Halvorsen Boats to Neville and Robyn Holt and they gave it a major overhaul to bring it back to top condition. It has had five subsequent owners and two name changes, becoming LIEBESTRAUM and then later on MONTANA. The name has now reverted back to AOMA under its curent owner. Another overhaul was undertaken in 2003 and the vessel remains in excellent condition throughout.

Vessel Details
Cabin or superstructure material and construction:timber planked
Deck material and construction:timber planked
Hull material and construction:carvelcarvel-planked
Hull material and construction:timber
Hull shape:displacement
Hull shape:monohull
Hull shape:round bottom
Keel/centreboard/rudder type:launch deadwood
Keel/centreboard/rudder type:spade rudder
Motor propulsion:diesel
Motor propulsion:motor vesselMV
Hand propulsion/steering mechanism:wheel
Additional Titles

Primary title: Aoma

Previous title: Liebestraum

Previous title: Montana

Alternate Numbers

Vessel Registration Number: RN123N

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