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Mary Anne

Vessel Number: HV000692
Date: 1955
Previous Owner: Ray Loffler ,
Vessel Dimensions: 5.1 m (16.73 ft)
Classification:Vessels and fittings
MARY ANNE is a three-point hydroplane built in SA in 1955. It was built by Globe Products for Ray Loffler and won many state and regional events in its career, however its most significant win was the 1964 Australian Championship title. MARY ANNE has now been restored to its original condition and run again on the water by Ray’s son. It remains in the family.
DescriptionMARY ANNE was built in 1955 by Globe Products to Italian drafted plans of an American hydroplane for owner Ray Loffler. Globe Products, also referred to as Globe Engineering was a small Adelaide engineering business that built specialised parts for locally made cars, and in the 1960s was the fabricator of the Elfin series of racing cars. MARY ANNE’S 5.1 metre long wooden frame and aluminium cover construction with a Jaguar engine shared a lot of fabrication methods and engineering with custom car construction. The original Jaguar motor, an XK 150 was replaced with XK180 in 1958.

The plans used were drawn in Italy and published widely. They were based on the design of an American hydroplane ALTER EGO which was the first automobile engine powered hydroplane to exceed 100mph. This boat was designed by builder/driver Rich Hallett, incorporating ideas from the owner/driver Paul Sawyer. AFter many success in the USA It was taken by Sawyer to race in Europe and made a big impression. He then generoulsy allowed who allowed designer Mario Speluzzi to measure the hull and publish the plans so that others could build a similar craft. Sawyer felt it was the greatest contrbution he could make to the sport. A few years later American naval architect David Beach formalized these plans to make them even more accessible to builders. It is understood other boats to the same design were also built in Australia. MARY ANNE has a tail fin added and longer forward fairing than the original design.

MARY ANNE raced from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s. Ray Loffler was a member of the Adelaide Speedboat Club and under his ownership and driving it was very successful, winning a number of SA state and regional championship events in the 225 cu. In., 266 cu. In. and Unlimited Displacement classes. In 1962 it set a South Australian record of 97.466 mph for a 225 cu. in. class using a time trial at Snowdens Beach, Largs Bay to reach the speed.

The most significant win for MARY ANNE was in 1964, when it won the unlimited Australian Championship, defeating the legendary champion Ern Nunn, from NSW. The fine achievement was noted in a letter of congratulations to Ray Loffler from the Adelaide Speed Club, dated 7/2/1964.

“In offering congratulations from the Commodore RO Fuller, his committee, club members and the sporting public of South Australia, it is a most pleasant task to support their enthusiasm in your achievement, and also convey best wishes from Ern Nunn.
It must be one of those special occasion to win an Australian Championship, particularly against Australia’s Giant of Drivers. The satisfaction must be a slight reward for the hours of arduous work and research which goes into the perfection of your boat. Such co-ordination has undoubtedly proven its worth as this is trophy is the ‘acme’ of our particular sport."

MARY ANNE retired from racing in the late 1960s, then under new ownership. It spent some time out in the open before Ray’s son bought the hydroplane and restored it to its original racing condition with the Jaguar engine. Jaguar have featured the boat and its motor in their own magazine. MARY ANNE is now running again, but not yet attempting the very high speeds it once raced at on full throttle. MARY ANNE was on display at the 2015 SA Wooden Boat Festival in Goolwa, and still holds the SA record for the 3750 cc class - 156.85 mph set on 15/4/1967..

Vessel Details
Deck layout:decked with cockpit
Hull material and construction:timber
Hull shape:planing
Keel/centreboard/rudder type:spade rudder
Motor propulsion:inboard
Motor propulsion:motor vesselMV
Motor propulsion:petrol
Alternate Numbers

: HD 2985

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