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Joseph Dent

Joseph Dent was based in Huskisson, Jervis Bay NSW.

The following references have been located:

Mr Dent of Jervis Bay has built 15 to 20 vessels including Clipper AMPHITIRITE for Mr Hezlet & MISSIE smart little brigantine of 40 tons (SMH 15/07/1868)
TANDANYA: 25 Ton ketch rigged craft built by Joseph Dent of Jervis Bay for Methodist Missionary Society of Australia (SMH 22/6/1904)
EUGENIE: Auxilary schooner built 1905 by Joseph Dent overhauled under supervision of builder (SMH 1/2/1906)
New Hopper Punt built by Joseph Dent of Huskisson, Jervis Bay, 106ft X 24ft X9ft deep (SMH 3/7/1908)
SARAGIGI auxiliary ketch built by Dent for Methodist Church design by Capt T L Grainger & Capt Hay of 31 tons & 61ft loa (SMH 2/9/1909)

George Dent and father of all Dents was keen on schnapper fishing even after he lost the use of his legs , he would be seen crawling up the beach on his hands & knees
"How are you George ?' " Well me hull's all right , but me spars are gone."