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GANNET and sister yacht WEENE, designs that Blore consulted on in the early 1900s

Alfred Blore

Alfred Blore was a well known Tasmanian yacht and boat designer from the late 1800s and early 1900s who has been associated with a variety of craft, and many were built in Hobart.

From an obituary 13 Jan 1930 (The Mercury 13/1/1930):

'As a designer of small river craft he possessed exceptional skill, and there could be no greater testimony to his cleverness and ingenuity than the numerous boats built to his plans which at present grace not only the waters of the Derwent, but also the waters of mainland states. He made a careful study of his work, which to him was also his hobby, and his exceptional knowledge of boat designing was in constant demand.'

It appears he was self taught. He initially worked at the Blundstone Boot factory, but eventually found work with Purdon and Featherstone.

As well as many successful yachts, he designed launches, fishing craft and commercial vessels.

Blore died in January 1930, aged 71.

The following references have been located:

Blore designs DAISY for Mr Geo Cheverton, loa 35ft lwl 28ft beam 8ft 6in draft 6ft 6in (The Mercury 6/11/1888)

Blore supervises building of FAIRLIE, Built by Robert Inches to the design of W Fife Jnr of Fairlie loa 35ft lwl 20ft 11in beam 8ft 5in draft 4ft 5in & 7ft 4in board down, (The Mercury 17/11/1894)

32 foot yacht for P Lovett, built C Lucas, of fin and bulb type, 21 foot class, to race AILSA and FAIRLIE ( Launceston Examiner 31/7/1897)

Blore designs fishing boat for Mr Oscar Thompson built by Charles Lucas LWL 43ft lwl 36ft beam 9ft9 draft 3ft (The Mercury 16/10/1900)

Blore outlines the style of craft for a one design for the Derwent Yacht Club (The Mercury 14/4/1905)

Blore designs FALCON for Mr Arthur A Smith Built by Charles Lucas LOA 41ft LWL 30 ft Beam 9ft Draft 2ft 9in (The Mercury 19/7/1906)

Blore designs VICUNA LOA 26ft LWL 20ft9 Beam 7ft8 Draft 3ft8 for Mr C Hurburgh (The Mercury 8/12/1906)

Blore reported as designer for SPINDRIFT , 38 ft lwl, 58 ft Loa, builder Lucas, for EH Webster, ketch rig, ( 17 May 1907 paper unknown) Subsequently called HURRICA II, then STORMY PETERL, lost 1938 SA. A 1912 report suggests Camper and Nicholson UK were designers.

Blore expert witness in engine malfunction (The Mercury 2/11/1916)

Blore prepares plans for VALMARIE, Designed by Thomas Purdon and built by Purdon & Featherstone LOA 141ft Beam 30ft Depth 12ft (The Mercury 3/12/1918)

Blore on jury in damages case (The Mercury 12/11/1919)
Death Notice 11/1/1930 Alfred Blore conceived design of TASSIE & TASSIE 2 (SMH 14/1/1930)

Obituary 13 Jan 1930 ( The Mercury 13/1/1930 p6 also SMH 14 Jan 1930)