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The Pritchard builder's plate

Pritchard Bros

Pritchard Bros were established around 1904 and remained in business until at least 1939. They were based at Careening Cove in Kirribilli alongside other firms such as Hayes Bros, Stewart Sandeman, Fisher, Warren and Fisher and eventually Lars Halvorsen. the brothers, Fred and Harry appear to be possibly the thrid genration of Pritchards involved in boatbuilding around Sydney since the late 1860s.

Pritchard Bros were recognised for building small craft and were among the first builders to concentrate their efforts into designing and building motor launches, or oil launches as they were first known. Pritchards developed a series of high speed designs as the sport of motor boating progressed from modest cruising time trials to races around the harbour. They also applied themselves to propeller design and motor related engineering and became one of the specialists in these fields for many years.

One of the more unusual craft they built was a 21 foot Restricted Class sailing yacht called SAN PAN designed and owned by Walter Reeks in 1925. It had its mast mounted aft of midhsips, and carried a larg headasil. Under this rig it was a failure, but rerigged as a conventional sloop, it raced successfully with Sydney Amateur Sailing Club for many seasons

The following references to Pritchard have been located:

Sands Directory for Sydney:

H Charles Pritchard started work as a boatbuilder in 1868 and had yards at the following addresses; Darling St Balmain 1871, Evans St Balmain 1873, Byres St Balmain 1885, Tennyson Point Gladesville 1890, Augustus St Leichhardt 1895.
CG Pritchard is found at Augustus St Leichhardt 1905 -1917, Pritchard Bros (Harry & Fred) are located in High St Careening Cove 1904.

Sydney Morning Herald:

1898 Charles Pritchard built repaired & traded in sailing & powered boats to 30ft from his Leichhardt boatshed SMH 31/12/1898 Pritchard Bros advertise motor launches & propellers SMH 26/1/1904
Pritchard Bros fit motor & propeller to MISCHIEF, a Walter Reeks designed, Holmes built yacht for Mr Arthur Milson SMH 25/7/1907 Pritchard Bros Ltd incorporated capital £5000 SMH 15/7/1907
Pritchard Bros build 18ft motor skiff, 22ft launch and have 14 yachts on their slips or moorings SMH 3/8/1907 Pritchard Bros complete 22ft launch for Mr A J Draper of Cairns SMH 4/7/1908
20ft yacht tender, Reeks design, built for Mr S Horden's vessel BRONZEWING 1908
30ft canoe-stern launch completed SMH 8/10/1909
Pritchard's weed clearing propeller praised SMH 8/10/1909
Harry Pritchard's WEE PRITCHARD wins races on Royal Motor Yacht Club Course SMH 28/1/1929

Australian Motor Boat & Yachting Monthly and Australian Power Boat & Yachting:

2ft model of Pritchard folding boat (AMB&Y) May 1925 .
16ft launch made for Mr S W Watson of Forster AMB&Y July 1925
Messrs. Pritchard Bros TRY ONE TOO 23ft restricted class AMB&Y July1925
A "Snub" skiff of 1899 ZEPHYR 8ft long by 8ft beam built by Pritchard Bros APB&Y Nov 1925
Pritchard folding boat shownat Wembley exhibitionUK, wins Bronze Medal & bought by Maharajah, also advertised in APB&Y along eith propellers June 1925 Harry Pritchard writes technical articles on engines & propellers Aug, Oct, Nov & Dec APB&Y Pritchard Bros Ltd "Sydney " class Hydroplane APB&Y APR 1926 Auxiliary Engines in Sailing Boats by Harry Pritchard APB&Y June 1932
Description of Pritchard's yard APB&Y June 1932
Efficient Propulsion article June 1934
Auxiliary Propellers Jan1935 APB&Y
H & F Pritchard officials of Australian Motor Yacht Squadron APB&Y Sep 1932
PAL O''MINE Sea skiff built for Mr J Benson Shellharbour APB&Y Nov 1935
EL DIABLO designed by Pritchard Bros Speed 35 mph APB&Y Feb 1937
Harry Pritchard pilot of RIPPLE in first motor boat race in1902 APB7Y Jan 1938
Harry Pritchard life story APB&Y June 1938
Pritchard Bros advertising copper exhaust 1946/7 APB&Y