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CHERUB sailing in 2009 with its restored gaff rig

Louis D'Alpuget

1915 - 2006

Mr Lou d'alpuget is a notable writer and broadcaster who specialises in sailing topics. Louis D'Alpuget (1915-2006) had a career in journalism and writing spanning almost 71 years. He sailed skiffs at aged 12 and by 17 was a Bondi lifesaver and by 18 a championship surfboat rower. He also excelled at wrestling, water polo boxing and blue-water yachting. In 1935 he began writing yachting articles for the Sunday SUN newspaper while studying chemical engineering.

During World War II he served initially in the army and then transferred to the navy where he skippered an anti-submarine boat the TOPSY patrolling the Pacific. At the end of the war D'Alpuget's front page coverage of the inaugural Sydney-Hobart Yacht race in the DAILY TELEGRAPH diverted a war weary population. He sailed in the race four times and continued to cover the race for decades. D'Alpuget reported on international ocean racing including Australia's first America's Cup campaign with GRETEL in 1962.

D'Alpuget obtained an exclusive interview with Sir Francis Chichester in Bass Strait in 1966 by approaching GIPSEY MOTH IV in a fishing trawler, then launching a dinghy to deliver a bag of onions and a bottle of whiskey. He gained a reputation as a sailing author with extensive knowledge. His first book LETS GO SAILING was published in 1960. This was followed by regular newspaper columns and the publication of YACHTING IN AUSTRALIA in 1980.

His books Include "Sydney's Beaches" (1951), "Let's Go Sailing" (1952), "Successful Sailing" (1970 1972, 1973, 1974, 1981), "Learn To Sail" (1989), "Yachting In Australia" (1980, 1988), joint authorship (with Bob Ross) of "Boating For Beginners" (1974), and contributing authorship of "Complete Book Of Boating" (1972). Since 1935 when he wrote his first newspaper story for the "Sunday Sun", he has written for many newspapers and magazines, including The Daily Telegraph, The Referee, The Sunday Telegraph, Pix, People, Sporting Life, The Sun, Modern Boating, Australian Sailing and Australian Yachting. He has covered all America's Cup events except that of 1988, three of the Admiral's Cup series at Cowes and other important international series events.