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SAYONARA in 2009 on Sydney Harbour

George F Garrard

George Garrard was a yachtsman from Carlton, South Yarra, Melbourne.

He was the owner of SAYONARA when he joined Brighton yacht club. Garrard also owned the yacht AWANUI". He was an active member of the Royal Yacht club of Victoria.

SAYONARA was designed by William Fife III, and built by Alick MacFarlane. The Sayonara Cup was a substitute for the intercolonial matches of the 1880s. The races were arranged by the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria and pitted the states of New South Wales and Victoria against one other.

This collection documents the life of George Garrard and his yacht SAYONARA. It provides an insight into colonial yachting by acknowledging its sailors, owners, builders and related competitions.